Line Up

Red Vacance Black Wedding

Erotic Drama
Dec. 08, 2011
KIM Tai-sik, PARK Chul-soo
CHO Seon-mook, AHN Ji-hye

The Red Vacance ? Hee-rae gets excited about going on a long overdue vacation with her long-time lover. But on the very day they are supposed to leave, he does not show up without saying anything. Now, Searching for him becomes her vacation. The Black Wedding - He is on his way from his lover and favorite student’s wedding. He was there as her wedding officiant. Her body was his power, desire, and something that gave him a glimpse of hope to live when he felt he didn’t have any connections with the world anymore. At the moment he thinks he lost everything, she comes see him again on her way to honeymoon.