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Release date: April 19, 2012

< Mr. Go 3D >

Showbox/Mediaplex has engaged in investment and distribution partnership with Huayi Brothers, one of 3 major studios in China, for highly anticipated upcoming by director KIM Yong-hwa with blockbusters , <200 Pounds Beauty>, under his belt.

  Based on HEO Young-man's seminal comic 'The 7th Baseball Club’, is a sports 'human' drama about a young Chinese circus ringmaster 'WeiWei' and her baseball playing gorilla (RingRing) as they're scouted into Korean baseball league and become superstars.   

In April 18, 2012, the Huayi Brothers decided to invest US$ 5 million. In doing so they guaranteed 5,000-screen release across China, and also promised blockbuster releases in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as well. With over half of 10,000 overall screens in China 3D-compatible, is off on a promising start in the Chinese market.  

Korean films continue to be introduced to the Chinese market, but Huayi Brother’s US$5 million investment to is worthy of a closer look. The main factors that differentiate from other Korean exports are that this will be a serious blockbuster contender for the summer of 2013 and that it is formed out of a profound partnership with one of biggest Chinese investors. Also, inking of this deal signifies the first step into a new global project model and a launching pad to penetrate into one of the biggest markets in the world.  

has been praised since its inception for its digital character and 3D content that utilizes an animal character which can defy cultural and language barriers. “We were confident of director KIM’s past track records and made this decision for his ability to connect with his audiences,” the Huayi Brothers’ representative said. “There’s a lot of pressure concerning investing in blockbuster projects in the market as of late, but this deal breathes international confidence in ,” according to one Showbox/Mediaplex rep. 

is currently in production and will be added to the Showbox’s sales slate for the upcoming Cannes market. Showbox handles for its world sales excluding China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Basic Information 

Title                                            Mr. Go 3D 
Directed by                                KIM Yong-hwa
Cast                                           XU Jiao, SUNG Dong-il, KIM Kang-woo
Presented and distributed by     Showbox/Mediaplex
A production of                           Dexter Films
Co-produced by                        Contents Eye
Tentative release date:               Summer, 2013