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Seoul based studio Showbox/ Mediaplex announced the crank-in of their biggest production for next summer.

Produced by Caper Film whose past producing credit includes THE THIEVES, the new project by CHOI Dong-hoon (THE THIEVES/ WOOCHI/ TAZZA: THE HIGH ROLLERS / THE BIG SWINDLE) recently completed the casting and goes into shooting in Shanghai, China. Titled as ASSASSINATION, the espionage action from the creator of 2012 summer mega hit THE THIEVES, is set in Korea and Shanghai in 1930s during Japanese Occupation and evolving around the secret mission given by the resistance government to assassinate the pro-Japanese collaborators. The film has been long anticipated as the 5th film by the box office hit creator who is highly acclaimed for his exquisite directing and storytelling skills.

Like THE THIEVES, ASSASSINATION also involves quite a number of lead characters played by Korean top class actors; Gianna JUN (THE THIEVES/ THE BERLIN FILE) incarnates as the strong leader of the squad and sniper, LEE Jung-jae (THE FACE READER/ NEW WORLD / THE THIEVES / THE HOUSEMAID) reunites with director CHOI in the role of the resistance agent of the government and HA Jung-woo (KUNDO: AGE OF THE RAMPANT/ THE TERROR LIVE/ THE BERLIN FILE/ NAMELESS GANGSTER) is on board for his first collaboration with director CHOI in the skin of a mysterious hit man who kills anyone for money. OH Dal-soo (THE ATTORNEY/ DETECTIVE K) also reunites after THE THIEVES as the right-hand man of HA Jung-woo and CHO Jin-woong (ROARING CURRENTS/ A HARD DAY/ NAMELESS GANGSTER) first joined as an ex-gun-thief turned into firearm specialist in the hit squad with Gianna JUN.

Already being the subject of higher expectations than ever for its story with constant twists and unexpected ending as well as the eye-catching action sequences set in Shanghai, Manchuria and Korea from 1910s through 1940s, ASSASSINATION begins its shooting in early September and is set to be released in summer, 2015.